Oily Oasis Leadership Support Team

So… just what exactly do we mean by “Leadership Support Team”? And why, even more exactly, do you need one? Why not just open a Young Living account on your own, or with an acquaintance who occasionally ‘oils up’? After all, it’s all the same company and same information, right? Well, not really… it’s a little more complex. Team support doesn’t come from Young Living ‘the company,’ – instead it comes from Young Living ‘the members’. Having access to a great support team with experienced, well taught ‘oilers’ can literally make – or on the opposite side break – your Young Living journey.  And while there’s lots of really great reasons to choose an established, grounded support community operating from within Young Living membership, here’s some of the highlights:

1.) Teaching

Using essential oils isn’t always snap – almost as important as using them is knowing what – and how – to do so. That’s where our extensive education comes in – from basic classes and Weekend Wellness Workshops to advanced knowledge Members-Only luncheons, we’re here to help you learn more about using Young Living Essential Oils. Read more…

2.) Training

Training, as opposed to teaching, veers more towards the Abundance side of Young Living as compliment to product education.  While we tend to keep our support/training for business building separate for product teaching (we want everyone to feel completely comfortable attending out product classes whether they’re building or not!) we have the same duplicatable system – easy for you to replicate with your builders already in place, including business community building and a one-on-one mentorship program. Read more…

 3.) Teamwork

Sometimes teamwork is much better than flying solo… and learning to use essential oils definitely falls into that better-off-together category!  Our leaders work together in teaching and events – so you get a much broader scope of expertise, certification and combined years of using Young Living essential oils – all available to you in one room or webinar!  Read more…

So if you’re not only interested in the highest quality essential oils available, purity and the Seed-to Seal process but also in participating in an active ‘oilers’ community and having access to education intensive resources and opt-in business coaching, we’d be honored to have you sign up with one of our members!

Learn. Participate. ReVitalize.

Welcome to the Oasis.

Oily Oasis Leadership Support Team