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Learning about essential oils isn’t always easy.  That’s why we’re here to help.  Many of our builders are also essential oil educators … some with years of practical, hands-on experience and access to vast stores of ‘oily’ knowledge.  How to benefit? Simply check their profile for an Educator badge.  If they have one, they’ve got class!  (1) Check with individual builders to find out when you can attend the next essential oil class near you, (2) the list below for class rules, and (3)…

Get your learning on.


Class Rules

While some of our classes are for OilyOasis Team members only, we do have both classes and team events that are open to non-Young Living members!  (If you’re already a Young Living member but not on the Oily Oasis team, please check with your sponsor to attend

#1 Class for Non-Members?  Intro to Oils!


Expanding Horizons

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