Young Living’s Free Monthly Promos


Young Living’s wholesale pricing rocks (24% off regular retail prices), but did you know you could be getting an even better deal on your orders by incorporating YL’s free monthly product promo? Yes, dear member – you can. Each and every month.


Open your account

After all, you can’t get free stuff unless you join!  Find out our highly recommended, best-way-on-the-planet to get started under Essential Oils > Purchase, then sign up with one of our members to qualify for team support and training!


 Place a qualifying order2

Next, in a single order, reach one of the following thresholds: 300PV, 250PV or 190PV.  Promos per threshold change each and every month at Young Living’s discretion, so be sure to check the monthly promo before ordering (our product support Facebook group is a great place to look).  This way you’ll know what you’re qualifying for per threshold. Important note: On checkout, make sure you’re looking at the PV amount, NOT the $$$ amount in order to qualify.



Wait for your free product to arrive!

Yes, it is that easy.  Qualifying free promos will be automatically added to your cart, and you can see them right then on your list of product selections.  Sweet!  Once you finalize your order and check out, all you need to is to wait for your order – and the free bonus booty – to arrive on your doorstep!  Mike drop!



….but wait!

It gets better!


Everything is always better on Essential Rewards! 

And we’re not kidding.  Essential Rewards is a whole new ballgame – AND adds a whole new promotional tier:  100PV!!  ER’s extra goodness ALSO gives you an extra oil at the 190PV mark, PLUS you get all the regular ER benefits like credit points to spend on product of your choice (some exceptions apply) and reduced shipping.  Just HOW much better is ER overall?  Find out here

So the next time you place an order, reach out to gain those free promos… and be sure to do it on ER.  You, and your oily stash, will be super glad you did.