Oily Oasis Training (The Abundance side of Young Living!!)

Young Living’s motto is “Wellness. Purpose. Abundance.”  We’ve found that to be a very accurate description, and in an accurate order as well!  While many people LOVE the products, a large majority of them don’t realize what a blessing the abundance aspect can be as well:  From paying for your monthly oil order, to part time income, to highly lucrative full-time income, there is a building level that can fit your goals!  (See Young Living’s Income disclosure statement here.)  So, just how does having the full force of a business building support structure come in?

Duplicatable system

An easy, highly duplicatable system makes a MASSIVE difference … PLUS a support structure that’s already in place allows you to concentrate on teaching classes and relationship building while we fill in the support structure details.  Three of our leaders have made Silver in 6 (or less!) and individuals who know they’re serious about building a YL business have specifically chosen our team to help them reach their business building goals!

Do I have to do the business?

Not interested in the business aspect at this point?  That’s completely okay… we’re not about pressuring people to build who don’t want to do so.  However, choosing a team who can heavily support that effort, should you ever choose to do so, is very important!  If you decide to open that door in the future, you want to find something on the other side, not just singing crickets.

Building levels

Whether you decide to build causally on an occasional basis or jump in right away with both feet and take on hard-core training, we have a business building level right for you!  Important features include: Relationship building, training on how to share and teach basic intro classes up to advanced concepts, and mentoring your very own builders.

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