Premium Starter Kit





By far the BEST way EVER to get started with Young Living, the Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit (PSK) has it all: Diffuser, Ningxia Red samples, a roller fitment and well, eleven of the most popular everyday usage essential oils in the business!  It’s the kit where you meet essential oils.  The first date.  Your first kiss.  Your first ‘oily’ love.


PSK =  Square One. Start Here.

Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit (PSK)

Even though we said it before, we’ll say it again, the essential oil PSK is THE best way to get started with Young Living.  The price breakdown itself – how much you save even from wholesale prices – is phenomenal.  Plus, you’re getting started with all THREE ways to use Young Living essential oils:  Aromatherapy (with your choice of one out of 4 diffusers) dietary supplements (with a miniaturized Vitality™ collection) and topical with fabulous oil blends such as PanAway, R.C., and Stress Away – oils that indeed should be in every home.  And to top everything off, the PSK comes with a wholesale membership, which gives you 24% off normal retail prices!  In other words, it’s kind of like Sams or Costco – you can pay full price, but who wants to do that?  

Plus, if you signup with a wholesale account with one of our team members, you get US – the Oily Oasis support team – to help assist in your new Young Living journey! (Sign up with the Oily Oasis member who invited you to this site, or if you happened across us on your own, browse some of our builders by location.)


So… just how DO you join?

We’re glad you asked!  It’s simple:  To join Young Living from within our team, all you need is a referral number.  Think of it like a coupon code – use the code, and the benefits can be numerous.  Don’t use a code, and you’re cast randomly adrift it’s what’s nicknamed “The Orphan Pool” to be assigned to who knows who – or if you’ll EVER get any support.  (Yep folks, that’s how it works.)

So don’t be a lonely Young Living orphan!  If an Oily Oasis member invited you to this site (or you know an Oily Oasis member you would like to sign up with) ask them for their member ID number.  You’ll put that number in both the Sponsor and Enroller text boxes on signup.  Plus, this means you’ll be working directly with the person you choose as your sponsor (and their direct leadership).  Even though you’ll get our group-wide support automatically as a wholesale Oily Oasis member, selecting who you work with directly is an important decision – so choose wisely!

Don’t know a OilyOasis member?  No problem – find some of our builders here.  Once on their personal page, simply click on the “Order Oils” button.  This will transfer you directly to Young Living’s signup page, with your chosen Oily Oasis member’s ID referral number already filled in!


When I started with YL, I knew absolutely nothing about all the different oils and how to use them. I am so glad they have made learning easy with the Premium Starter Kit. It comes complete with just the right combination to get you going. Since I knew very little, I began with the diffuser and listened to my body as I diffused different oils as well as applying to the back of my neck and paying close attention to how my body reacted. I found that every oil in that kit benefitted me in some form or fashion without having a great out of pocket expense and without having to try to decide what oils to get first. - Lori