– Gold Leaders –

Paula Esposito

While I enjoy helping people with essential oils and product education, one of my greatest passions is working with Oily Oasis members in terms of building and growing a successful, rewarding business. I’m so grateful God blessed us with an incredible opportunity that can help pull struggling families or individuals out of a never-ending financial rat race – even out of poverty – and enable them to experience not just wellness, but purpose and abundance as well!  Read more


– Silver Leaders –

Sarah Davison

Hi. I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with my husband, Steve, and our two cats. I enjoy teaching about the chemistry of essential oils. Steve says I am the least likely person he knows that would be successful at this business. (He says that as a compliment.) So if I can do it, you can do it. Our team has a great support system and lots of education and activities. Please join us.  Read more


Janice Harris

As a wellness coach my passion is to help families including fur babies with their unique path to health. On my own journey to wellness, I found Young Living household products a must have in becoming toxin free, plus essential oils to support the body by creating a healthy, uplifting environment that helps you stay above the Wellness line.  Read more


Jina Simpson

Owner of Impressions Salon & Spa, I’m very PASSIONATE about YL and their products and sharing the wealth of benefits that Young Living has provided for me!!! I always say SHARING is CARING!  I love supporting my team to grow and spread the word of GOD’S great support of the human body through plant’s essential oils!!!  I am also an Essential Oil Recipe Specialist… I’d like to call myself a Mixologist!


– Executive Leaders –

Linda Esposito

After retiring from my nursing job, I missed personally caring for people that were hurting emotionally and physically.  My Young Living business has filled that void and has brought joy to my heart to see just how much the oils and the Young Living lifestyle can help others in their pursuit of wellness.  The nurse in me will always be there, however, I love helping people find their purpose in life and gain financial freedom.  God’s amazing oils make me smile and I get excited about this business because it truly changes people’s lives.  Read more

Nancy Rutledge

I love having a vision for our team (Diamond, and beyond), working with a diverse group of people, encouraging them, watching them grow and succeed – this is the greatest accomplishement that I can imagine! I love know what drives them – and what drives them crazy, so I can help them work through any blockages and send them shooting to the top! I love teaching, and I have also learned so much from my team. I feel that my calling is to not only be a leader, but to be a servant as well, and I’m proud to answer the call.  Read more

“Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could” – Steve Jobs

Cheryl Gates

I’ve spent the last 20+ years exploring the benefits of Young Living oils and supplements. I am so proud to represent a company that makes every product with purpose and total commitment to purity. I love helping others find their better selves through the use of these products.  Read more