How to Get Essential Oils at Wholesale Pricing

No Monthly Ordering Requirements

Have you seen discounted pricing plans from other companies? Normally it means a commitment to order a certain amount of product each month.

Young Living’s Wholesale Membership does not require you to buy monthly. (Of course you’ll want to, but that should be your decision.) To get wholesale pricing, just purchase a starter kit. BOOM! That’s it. You then have discounts of up to 24% off. You WILL want to sign up for the monthly Autoship (Essential Rewards) though. You’ll earn points for free products, get cheaper shipping, and you’ll be able to keep your NITRO, Thieves and NingXia Red in stock… (You can change your order each month.) Do it!

Create A Wholesale Account and Save!

The only requirement for a wholesale account is purchasing a premium starter kit, which if you’re interested in oils, you kinda need anyway. Plus, the starter kits are about 50% off when you sign up for a wholesale membership.) But yes, you can.  What’s a Premium Starter Kit?  Check it here:

Open Your Account

If you’re ready to take the next step to empower YOU and YOUR health decisions, and trying these products for yourself, your family and your home, then simply choose one of our team members to sign up with a Premium Starter Kit and you’ll automatically qualify for Oily Oasis team support!

If you already know their name, be sure to use their ID number as both enroller and sponsor at signup so you get on their team! Or, if you were just browsing the web and don’t know any of our team members – yet -, you can search for one to join here. Once you click on a team member’s “Order Oils” button, you’ll be directed to their secure Young Living signup form. Once there, you can select your membership type. If you want to open a wholesale account (and you do!), you’ll also select your starter kit. Exciting!

Once you get your Premium Starter Kit with one of our members, you’ll have access to our personal team support, trainings, classes, learning resources, live event gatherings, and often we do giveaways and promos……you want to be a part of an ACTIVE oily community, and our group offers that. We’ll see you after signup!

Find An Expert

Sign Up Walkthrough

Watch this quick signup video for an easy to follow step-by-step walkthrough of the signup process, INCLUDING how to qualify for cool FREE promos along the way!!

Plus, Save Even More With Essential Rewards!

As mentioned above, you’ll also have the option of signing up for Young Living Essential Rewards when you open your account. It’s yet another option – AND an extra special perk of a wholesale account. You can sign up for Essential Rewards whenever you want, but it’s a way to earn points and obtain even more free product if you decide to order regularly. And hello, cheaper shipping!

I’ve delayed you enough. Get going! I can’t wait for you to join our team, and start rocking out your oils with the Oily Oasis!

Get Your Essential Oils Today!

Join one of our team members at wholesale and “get your oils on” with Oily Oasis team support!